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What is Massage Therapy

An empowering tool to uplift the body through touch awareness. The body holds many systems: nervous tissue, muscles, vascular tissue – arteries, veins and lymph, fascia, organ, bone, joints – ligaments, capsule, bursa, tendons. All need to be addressed in massage therapy treatments to... Read More

How to stretch the Hamstrings

We are always looking for ways to stretch Glutes, hamstrings, ITBand, quads and lower leg, calves and sole of feet. All together these muscles groups share same nerves. Let’s look at spinal stretching, stretching the spinal fascia called the DURA MATER to target stretching... Read More

Muscle Energy, Port Moody Massage

The Big Toe! Big Toe Off, all of you’s, is the key to contracting the extensor muscle group or back body. How do you walk? Do you stop short in your stride? Meaning, do you lift your foot of the ground at mid stride?... Read More

Registered Massage Therapy Port Moody

WhY exercise? Movement brings awareness to the body. Aches and pain is a really good reason to exercise. Remember the body is talking to you through aches and pains, not trying to punish you. Exercise brings attention to imbalances throughout the body. We all... Read More

Port Moody Massage

Stomp your feet 5 to 10 times. Stand still and bring AWARENESS TO WEIGHT OF BODY ON YOUR FEET. Where do you feel most weight? Where do you feel weight of body through ankle? Where do you feel weight of body in knees? where... Read More