Port Moody Massage

Stomp your feet 5 to 10 times. Stand still and bring AWARENESS TO WEIGHT OF BODY ON YOUR FEET.
Where do you feel most weight?
Where do you feel weight of body through ankle?
Where do you feel weight of body in knees?
where do you feel weight of body in hips, low back?
Do you feel your abdominal muscles?
Do you feel heavy in your spine from top of head to tail bone? Is gravity pulling you to your feet or do you feel you are holding your spine up with your muscles?
The above questions are important to assess daily.
Simple awareness to weight distribution through your spine and joints: shoulders, vertebrae – neck, mid back and low back, hips, knees, ankles, arches in foot and big toe are all important to correct or prevent built up tension or pain.

Simple corrrection:
1. stomp your feet while standing
2. distribute weight betwwen 1st and 2nd pads of foot 4th and 5th pad of foot and just before heel of foot.
3. press into all 3 points
4. soften all joints in body
5. draw navel to spine, slightly and with ease
6. draw up tissue between genitals toward navel
7. circle front of shoulders backward
Repeat through day as remembered.
Always important to treat exercise to educate yourself on balancing the body through lefts and rights, rotations, standing and sitting against gravity.

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