Flexor muscles v.s Extensor muscles

Gravity contributes in posture.
Emotion connection to life contributes in posture.

Education contributes to posture:

Let’s learn:

Extensor muscles are gravity resisting muscles.
Extensor muscles are mostly positioned on the back of us –
Quadracep muscles:(front thigh muscles)
Anterior shin muscles
Muscles on the top of foot
Please feel free to add more in comments, I want to learn from you too.
(mind only working so far)

The Extensor Muscles help to keep us upright and anti gravity muscles.
Important group to focus on when doing a whole body workout, training.

The Flexor Muscles are shortening with gravity acting upon us.
The Flexor Muscles are shortening with increase emotions, ergonomics
The Flexor Muscles are mostly positioned on the front of us, contributing to the fetal position

Think of the two as a sling:
They both need to be in balance – through strength and stretch to allow little effort and little pain, tension, aches with maintaining upright body position.
Picture the sling moving forward and back over top of head and under feet.

Stability through balance of flexors and extensors

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