Direct Billing

Direct Billing 

I am exited to announce that I will be offering Direct Billing to selected insurance companies. I can bill your benefits plan at time of appointment, this will save you time and effort to submit your receipts to your insurance provider, and can reduce upfront out of pocket expenses related to your treatment. Plans are individualized, there may be a fee owing at time of appointment if coverage is not 100%.

We can direct bill the following insurance companies:

Pacific Blue Cross
Manual Life
Great West Life
Chambers of Commerce
Medavie Blue Cross: RCMP, Veterans Affairs, Canadian Armed Forces
(If your extended health plan is not listed, please let me know prior to treatment, I will do my best to make it available.)

Direct Billing service is offered at no extra charge. Direct billing may not be available at every appointment due to issues with individual benefits plan, problems with submission portal.


How Does Direct Billing Work?

You will provide your POLICY NUMBER / ID, I will submit the information through the web portal.  The portal will give us detailed amount that your insurance plan will pay, you may need to pay a remaining portion of the visit.

Will I need to pay for anything?

Your insurance plan may cover a 100% or may only cover a percentage of treatment, ie: you may be covered for 80% of treatment, payment for remaining 20% is required at time of appointment.  Individual plans will be different, please call your insurer to be informed of % of treatment covered prior to appointment.

You may need to pay the remainder of the visit fee, according to the portal reply. In example, if you are covered 80% of your appointment time, you will need to pay the remaining 20% at time of appointment. (the portal will “pay” the remaining 80% to the clinic). It all depends on your individual coverage and portal response.

What Treatments can you direct bill?

We can direct bill for Massage Therapy treatments. Each individual plan may have different coverage with regards to each treatment type.

Can I check what is my coverage or how many visits are covered?

Please contact your insurance provider directly for percentage of coverage and number of visits available to you prior to appointments.  Direct billing is designed for payments only and will not be able to check statements and policies etc. It is similar to debit and credit transactions, it can take payments but not give a balance on card or account.

Do I need a Dr referral?

Please check with your insurance provider, some plans do request Dr. referrals, Massage Therapy is a direct access in BC. The RMT does not need a referral for treatment, but for billing insurance providers there may be a request.

What if I have several insurance plans? Can you help to coordinate them?

Direct billing will be only for one plan, please contact your other plan provider on your own for additional billing.

Do I get a receipt if I direct bill?

You will get a receipt only for the portion that is not covered by the plan.

 Is Pacific Blue Cross different from Blue Cross?

Yes. we are only able to bill Pacific Blue Cross at this time. Even if we can not direct bill your insurance company , you still would be able to submit your receipts to them.

What if you cannot process my direct billing, i.e. due to portal being down?

Please provide payment through debit, cash or check at time of appointment. A receipt will be provided for submitting to your insurance provider.