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Love : Tips on Eating

Tips on a ‘proper’ diet from Swami Sivananda: Eat at fixed times. If you do not feel hungry at meal time, fast until the next meal. Cook only as much as you can eat. Reheated food has very little vital energy left. Eat raw... Read More

The Big Toe Pad

Focus on the big toe pad of both feet. In gait, work on finishing the extension phase – when foot is behind you, pushing off the ground through the pads of all five toes, ending with the big toe pad. This uses glutes and... Read More

Flexor muscles v.s Extensor muscles

Gravity contributes in posture. Emotion connection to life contributes in posture. Education contributes to posture: Let’s learn: Extensor muscles are gravity resisting muscles. Extensor muscles are mostly positioned on the back of us – exception Quadracep muscles:(front thigh muscles) Anterior shin muscles Muscles on... Read More

Posture Load

Connecting to the body through daily living. We are designed with a back brace, the Transverse Abdominus muscle, among it’s synergists – muscles that work together to move or stabilize the body. Let’s talk about setting up the Hollow Body – common workouts this... Read More


Plain and simple: Observe why you eat?! Are you hungry? Tired? Bored? Emotional? Hormonal? Be honest with yourself. No judgement, keep eating if like with honesty and truth of why you are eating. See how you are eating: closet eater, (hope no one is... Read More

What is Massage Therapy

An empowering tool to uplift the body through touch awareness. The body holds many systems: nervous tissue, muscles, vascular tissue – arteries, veins and lymph, fascia, organ, bone, joints – ligaments, capsule, bursa, tendons. All need to be addressed in massage therapy treatments to... Read More