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The Big Toe!

Big Toe Off, all of you’s, is the key to contracting the extensor muscle group or back body.
How do you walk?
Do you stop short in your stride? Meaning, do you lift your foot of the ground at mid stride?
Do you extend your leg right back, pushing off the big toe?
Big Toe Off is important in balancing the body. Finish your walking, running gait with Big Toe Off.
Feel your gluteal muscles contracting as the Big Toe pushes off the ground.
Balance through your hip flexor muscles the Psoas major and minor, iliacus muscles, and Gluteal muscles.
The Hip Flexor muscles are pulling the leg forward in gait, which is necessary to move forward, we do this automatically, always using the hip flexor muscles.
Big Toe Off is not necessary for walking or running. We tend to not use our extensors, developing weakness in the back body and over bearing strength in the hip flexors.
Help bring back balance:
Big Toe Off – finsh your gait.

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