How to stretch the Hamstrings

We are always looking for ways to stretch Glutes, hamstrings, ITBand, quads and lower leg, calves and sole of feet. All together these muscles groups share same nerves. Let’s look at spinal stretching, stretching the spinal fascia called the DURA MATER to target stretching the fascia around the nerves that are innervating the muscle groups above, to see if we can get more efficient, effective, lasting relief from lower body tension.

Spinal Stretching:

Standing – legs hip width apart
let gravity help you, tuck chin to chest and slowly roll one vertebrae at a time, leading with the head, until you are in a hanging forward bend
slowly roll up one vertebrae at a time, head last to come up
Repeat several times

Roll the bottom of your feet with a lacrose ball or a harder ball, not too much pressure, feel good roll.
Notice how much easier it is to forward bend, move or lighter through the body with standing.

Pay attention to daily forward flexion, this creates the spine to collapse and the fascia of the spine to go into a shortening. Spinal tension will always cause the muscles of the limbs to be tight.

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