Plain and simple:
Observe why you eat?!
Are you hungry? Tired? Bored? Emotional? Hormonal?
Be honest with yourself.
No judgement, keep eating if like with honesty and truth of why you are eating.
See how you are eating: closet eater, (hope no one is looking), always eating, barely eats and observe the truth of why?
Be honest, honesty brings awareness, then self need to begin change = FOREVER
Looking forward in life with honesty.

Why are you working out?
Work outs are a stress to the body!
DO NOT work out to punish for what was eaten! Body will store more after workouts.

Work outs/ Training is to educate mind to balance the body through centre, left and right.
A good instructor will be able to see what is important for an individual to gain balance back to the body.

Weight loss = eating clean
Workouts/Training = learn how to use the body effectively aka BRING BACK BALANCE

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