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Connecting to the body through daily living.

We are designed with a back brace, the Transverse Abdominus muscle, among it’s synergists – muscles that work together to move or stabilize the body.

Let’s talk about setting up the Hollow Body – common workouts this technique is used to work whole body core connection : inner thighs, extensor group (glutes, deep spinal muscles of the back) and of course the abdomen muscles and even through mid back and shoulders with stretch and mobility.

How do I use the hollow body while standing and seated, or simply use my core when I am not working out?

Good question,

Simple – soften the joints of the body.
Try this lock out all joints in body, create tension through body, with an open mind try to feel your brain.
Do you feel tension, pull, stress throughout your head and upper neck? If not, it is ok, not a normal request to feel;) Now, soften all your joints in your body, knees slightly flexed. Not too much, be on realistic side of how you would stand with joints softened. Now, feel your brain, head and upper neck. Do you feel an ease, sense of relief through the body, brain, neck?
You may feel not stable!
We lock or tighten our joints for stability when weight bearing, when we do not engage the “core”.
Focus on keeping joints soft, all over body, what is now going to provide you stability? Answer: Muscles of the Core:
Transverse Abdominus – pull navel to spine slightly. Are you breathing;)
The biggest one(s) of all – PELVIC FLOOR – one central tendon of pelvic floor muscles – between the genitals.
Lift this area up still with focus on smooth inhales and exhales. (Imagine – holding a blueberry here;)
feel inner arch of feet, try to draw up muscles into top of thigh into groin
contract glute muscles slightly
bring navel to spine
focus on the space between genitals, consciously lift that towards navel
drop front ribs down slightly

The above may seem hard to focus on, idea is to leave stick notes around for reminder.
A good exercise trainer or classes well instructed, will be able to get your mind body connection sped up to engage unconsciously.

Let me know how it goes.
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