Love : Tips on Eating

Tips on a ‘proper’ diet from Swami Sivananda:

Eat at fixed times. If you do not feel hungry at meal time, fast until the next meal.

Cook only as much as you can eat. Reheated food has very little vital energy left.

Eat raw vegetables at least once a day. That prevents the blood from becoming too acidic.

Eat slowly and enjoy your food. Chew your food thoroughly. Digestion starts in the mouth.

Eat only 4 or 5 kinds of food at one meal. It is difficult to digest complex combinations of food.

Try not to snack between meals.

Do not overload the stomach. Fill it halfway with solid foods and a quarter with liquids. One quarter should remain empty for the natural development of gases.

Avoid conversation about problems or negative thoughts while eating. Do not eat when you are angry. Toxins are secreted by the glands when you are angry and released into the blood stream. Rest for a while until the mind becomes calm and then eat your food.

Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

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